Readers ask: The Girl On The Train Book?

Is the girl on the train based on a book?

The Girl on the Train is a 2016 American mystery psychological thriller film directed by Tate Taylor and written by Erin Cressida Wilson, based on British author Paula Hawkins’ popular 2015 debut novel of the same name.

What is the story about the girl on the train?

Rachel eventually pieces together what happened the night Megan was murdered. She remembers that she saw Megan with none other than Tom before she was knocked out (by Tom, no less). It’s revealed Tom and Megan were having an affair and after Megan told him she was pregnant with his child he killed her in a fit of rage.

What is Megan’s Secret in the girl on the train?

Eventually, Megan reveals all to her therapist: When she was 17, her brother died, and she got swept up in a very unhealthy relationship while grieving. Soon after, she got pregnant.

Is the girl on the train 2021 a remake?

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is a 2021 Netflix remake of Paula Hawkins’ book that was first adapted by Tate Taylor in 2016. For the first adaption, the story had been moved to the US and with this Hindi remake, we’re back in London. Just like in the original story in the novel.

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What happens in the end of the girl on the train?

The driver of the car that killed Walter was Inspector Kaur, who is Bagga’s daughter. She believed her father was innocent and has followed and obsessed over Mira since seeing her at the train station. They fight, and Mira ends up shooting the woman dead, framing Shekhar for the murder.

Why was the girl on the train filmed in America?

Screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson explained the change to Entertainment Weekly that a U.K. setting “wasn’t even on the table.” The film was always going to be in the USA, though the city wasn’t always clear — Wilson dabbled with places like Seattle but decided on New York because of the beauty of the suburbs saying, “

Is there a sequel to girl on the train?

There is no sequel to Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train. The novel has been adapted into a film and a stage play in 2018 and 2018, respectively.

Where is The Girl on the Train set book?

1. It’s set in New York, not London. The novel is set just outside of London, and Megan, Scott, Anna and Tom live in a suburb called Whitney. The houses are all exactly the same (a commentary on suburbia that also messes with Rachel’s mental state).

Where does Rachel live in The Girl on the Train?

Rachel enjoys glimpsing a young and loving couple who live along the tracks in the suburb of Witney, where the train stops each day at the signal. This couple lives at 23 Blenheim Road, just down the street from where Rachel herself used to live with her ex-husband, Tom.

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Is The Girl on the Train worth watching?

The book is a terrific and engrossing read, with a lot of tension and suspense, a clear timeline and while the characters are unpleasant you understand why they are.

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