Readers ask: Ielts Speaking Topics 2020?

IELTS Speaking Cue Card topics for 2020

  • Talk about a famous female leader.
  • Describe a photograph in your home.
  • Talk about a business you would like to open.
  • Describe an occasion when you wake up early.
  • Talk about a film you would like to discuss with your Friends.
  • Describe a time when you first met someone.

What are the speaking topics for ielts 2021?

Remember, this is for the latest IELTS Speaking Topics – January to April 2021

  • Describe a person who taught you something.
  • Describe a leisure activity you do with your family.
  • Describe a time you helped someone recently.
  • Describe a time you got lost in a place.
  • Describe a time you had to apologize to someone.

What are the common topics in ielts speaking?

Main Topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1

  • Work. What is your job?
  • Study. What do you study?
  • Hometown. Where is your hometown?
  • Home. Where is your home?
  • Art. Are you good at art?
  • Birthdays. Do you enjoy your birthdays?
  • Computers. Do you often use a computer?
  • Daily Routine. When do you usually get up in the morning?
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How can I get 8.5 in ielts speaking?

20 tips you must follow to score 8.5 in IELTS

  1. Keep listening until the recording stops, looking only at the questions that relate to the part being played.
  2. Answer Listening questions in the order they appear on the Question Paper.
  3. Remember that they normally follow the order of the information in the recording.

Is 6.5 in ielts speaking good?

A score of IELTS 6.5 shows that a person is ‘competent’, meaning they can cope in a classroom situation even though there may be some mistakes or misunderstandings with language. For students who need it, many universities provide short English courses of one to three months before the degree programme begins.

What are the latest ielts speaking topics?

Latest IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics in 2021 – Updating

  • A House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In.
  • An Interesting Animal You Have Seen.
  • A Successful Small Business.
  • A Crowded Place You Went To.
  • A Family Member You Spend Time With.
  • A Person Often in the News.
  • The Desired Change to Your Local Area.

Who do you trust most ielts?

Who do you trust the most? → Absolutely my mother. She was my very first best friend in life and always has my back and keeps my secrets. Throughout the ups and downs of my life, my mother has always stood by my side, and given me support whenever I have been in need.

What are the 3 parts of ielts speaking test?

On this page

  • A quick look at IELTS Speaking test.
  • Part 1: Introduction and questions on familiar topics.
  • Sample task.
  • Part 2: Individual long turn.
  • Sample task.
  • Part 3: Two-way discussion.
  • Sample task.
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Is ielts speaking easy?

The speaking test is the easiest part of the exam. The truth: All the four sub-tests have the same level of difficulty, but you may find one part of the exam easier than others depending on your language skills.

What Ielts speaking can do?

IELTS Speaking is a face-to-face, informal discussion with an IELTS examiner, and is the same for both Academic and General Training. The test is divided into 3 parts and is designed to test your pronunciation, fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

Is it hard to get 7.5 in IELTS?

This IELTS section is considered the toughest section as unlike other sections, it is held face to face with an examiner, and hence, it is a very spontaneous process. The following points will help you score 7 in the speaking module: Speak fluently within the particular duration of the given topic.

Is IELTS 8 hard to get?

Getting a band score of 8 in IELTS is a big achievement and you have to keep certain things in mind in order to get this score. In order to get an 8 band score in listening and reading you need to get 89% of the marks.

How is 8 bands scored in IELTS speaking?

Here we’ve gathered top 10 IELTS Speaking tips to increase your IELTS Speaking score:

  1. Be fluent and liberated. Speak fluently and spontaneously.
  2. Practise answering sample questions.
  3. Ask the question again if you need to.
  4. Be emotional!
  5. Extend your speech.
  6. Be coherent.
  7. Give yourself time to think.
  8. Made a mistake?

Who gets 6 band in speaking?

A Band 6 candidate Victor is generally able to speak at length without hesitating too much. However, he sometimes has fluency problems because he repeats himself and makes lots of self-corrections.

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Is IELTS 6.5 hard?

Wondering how to get 6.5 in IELTS? Scoring 5.5 or 6 may seem possible from 4.5 or 5 with a little more practice and preparation; however, reaching 6.5 is a little difficult but not impossible. It will require substantial practice on your part.

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