Readers ask: Find The Final Ruin Genshin Impact?

Where is the final ruin in Genshin impact?

The Final Ruins are located in the circular structure north of the Guili Assembly. The area can be identified by the positions of the four Jade Plates that players have to find in the first half of the quest. The Final Ruins lie in the centre of the locations of the four plates on the map.

How do you unlock the last jade plate in Genshin impact?

To hunt down the final plate, you need to return close to the ruined Guili Assembly you first visited. Just to the north of that area there’s a dark circle on the map. Here you’ll find a water-filled pit, a lot of golems, and the last Jade Plate. Activate it and the golems will come to life to protect your prize.

Where is the ruins in treasure lost treasure found?

Speak to Soraya at Wangshu Inn. You’ll now be searching for Jade Plates at the ruins found on the south of the Inn.

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Is Soraya a guizhong?

Soraya is a researcher from Sumeru who has traveled to Liyue to research the adepti, though she takes a great interest in the deceased Guizhong, Lord of Dust, and her legacy.

Where is childish Jiang hiding?

Jiang’s first hiding spot is just up north behind a boulder. Jiang’s second hiding spot will be further north, he’ll be standing behind a tree to the left. Jiang will then move to his third hiding spot on the east side of the building. Jiang’s final hiding spot is another rock next to the cliff’s edge to the south.

How do you beat the three ruin guards?

The best strategy for defeating the Ruin Guard is to use an archer to target either the weak point on its head or in the center of its back. Two successive hits to these points will cause the machine to temporarily shut down. This can allow one of the melee characters to get in for some real damage against its core.

Where is the fifth ruin?

The fifth tablet is west of the third tablet, heading toward the road that runs to the west of the ruins.

How do you activate the three ruin guards?

Use Amber’s arrows to strike the glowing core (the “head” of the Ruin Guards). This is the weak point, and after two successful hits, the Ruin Guard will deactivate for a short time, allowing you unleash as much damage as possible. After you deal with them, activate the clue mechanism nearby again.

Where are treasure hoarders?

As common enemies, Treasure Hoarders are typically found in Liyue and Inazuma, although there is a small pocket of them in and around Dragonspine.

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How do you get to Soraya ruin?

So, you will need all the 4 Jade Plates, and then Researcher Soraya will ask you to locate the final ruin. Once you are here, defeat the three large enemies to reveal the entrance.

Where are the 4 jade plates in Genshin impact?

Jade Plate 1: Located inside of a wind barrier directly below the “Wangshu Inn” text on the map. Jade Plate 2: Directly under the letter “S” of the “Guili Plains” text on the map. Jade Plate 3: Slightly above the ruins above Luhua Pool. Jade Plate 4: Located to the southeast of the Domain.

What do I do with the nameless treasure in Genshin impact?

You can sell the Nameless Treasures to Linlang, who is located left of the Jewellery store. Make sure you go there at night; Linlang is not present during the day. Linlang will give you Primogems and Mora, and your Nameless Treasure quest is completed!

Where is ruin guard?

Locations. You can pinpoint Ruin Guard locations in Mondstadt on the map using the Adventurer Handbook. According to the Teyvat Travel Guide – Mondstadt, they can be found in Brightcrown Canyon, which is on a “valley I found at the northeast coast of Cider Lake”. ‘

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