Quick Answer: Queen Of Broken Hearts?

Who is the girl in Queen of Broken Hearts music video?

Multi-platinum selling singer, songwriter & producer blackbear has returned with a brand-new anthem “queen of broken hearts.” The release is accompanied by blackbear’s directorial debut with the music video starring actress, Mckenna Grace – watch here.

Who wrote Queen of broken hearts?

Mckenna Grace is featured in the music video for blackbear’s new single, “Queen of Broken Hearts”. The band and Mckenna announced the exciting news last week before dropping the music video a few days later. Currently, Mckenna has been spending her time practicing social distancing with her family.

Why does blackbear go by blackbear?

In fall 2011, Musto decided to use his nickname Blackbear as his pseudonym when making music. The first song to be released with the Blackbear moniker is Mike Posner’s “Marauder Music” in November 2011. Musto co-wrote Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”, a number 2 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 2012.

Who sang Queen of broken hearts?

Early life. Grace was born in Grapevine, Texas, on June 25, 2006 to Ross Burge and Crystal Grace. She is of one eighth Mexican ancestry.

How old is Mckenna Grace?

What he thought was a nasty bout of acid reflux turned out to be a life-threatening case of pancreatitis brought on in part by substance abuse. “One in three people would have died from the severity of my attack,” Musto says. “I had a large surgery where they cut me wide open.”

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Did blackbear attend college?

Born Matthew Tyler Musto in 1990 in Palm Coast, Florida, Blackbear began his music career singing in his high school punk band Polaroid. The group signed with Leakmob Records and at age 16, he dropped out of school to

Does blackbear have a disease?

The rising star has more than a million followers on Twitter and Instagram and over nine million monthly listeners on Spotify. In 2016, blackbear went to the ER in severe pain, where he was diagnosed with necrotizing pancreatitis, a particularly dangerous complication, undergoing emergency surgery to save his life.

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