Question: Men Of War Assault Squad Mods?

Is Mod DB safe?

Best Site for the newest Mods! ModDB is a great site for the newest mods for any of the video games that you know and love! Their SWBF2 mod selection is fantastic. The mods are easy to download, and the community is very active and reliable.

How do I install mods for this war of mine?

GUIDE: Adding mods for the NON-STEAM version

  1. Assuming the file you downloaded is called, unzip all the files into: ~DocumentsThis War of MineMods.
  2. Rename all the extracted files to the following filenumber + _ + filename.
  3. There is a file in ~DocumentsThis War of MineMods called Mods.list.

Is Moddb legit Reddit?

Moddb is very safe. I been using it for the last several years and never (to my knowledge) ever got a virus or malware of sorts from a Mod. The staff scan all mods before they upload, so don’t worry and mod away!

How do you download mods from Moddb?


  1. Download the executable.
  2. Put the application into your gamedata folder.
  3. Launch the mod loader.
  4. (Optional) Rename your mods.
  5. (Optional) Add launch paramters under settings. If you use the steam version set them with steam.

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