Question: Jurong Bird Park Singapore?

What happened to Jurong Bird Park?

In September 2014, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the relocation of the bird park to Mandai, where the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari are currently sited. This is part of a plan to transform Mandai into a precinct of nature-themed attractions for education and recreation by 2023.

Is Jurong Bird Park moving?

Wildlife Reserves Singapore reported on 1 June 2016 that in 2020, Jurong Bird Park would be relocated to Mandai Lake Road with a new name for the Bird Park. However, due to impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, the move was pushed back to 2022.

Is Jurong Bird Park or Singapore Zoo better?

KL Bird Park is definitely NOT better than Jurong. If you only have time for 2, the zoo and night safari are adjacent so you can do 2 together in the same day (but pace yourself so you won’t be tired out). Jurong Bird Park is a bit of a distance from the Zoo/Safari, so you can check it out if you have half a day free.

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Is Jurong Bird Park worth visiting?

To summarise, Jurong Bird Park is a great place and is worth every buck you spend. It is situated at a secluded place which is a forest area. So, you get a nice feeling of going away from the city life and into the wild forest area and then you see the lovely birds almost as if they are in their natural surroundings.

What is so special about Jurong Bird Park?

Opened in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest bird park, offering a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for close to 3,500 birds across 400 species, of which 20 per cent are threatened. The bird park is famed for its large and immersive walk-in aviaries such as Lory Loft and the recently revamped Waterfall Aviary.

Are there owls in Jurong Bird Park?

Jurong Bird Park is one of two zoological institutions breeding the blue-eyed cockatoo. A burrowing owl and Western long-tailed hornbill were also the first in-park hatchlings for their species at Jurong Bird Park.

How many bird parks are there in Singapore?

In line with the latest government guidelines, we have made operational adjustments across our four parks.

When did Bird Park move to Mandai?

Mandai Wildlife Group on Wednesday unveiled new logos and branding for all the parks, along with its tagline: Come to life. Responding to questions from the media, Group CEO Mike Barclay said that the precinct is expected to be completed by 2024, as earlier announced.

How many birds are there in Jurong Bird Park?

Spread across 20.2 hectares in a western corner of Singapore, this sprawling park is Asia’s largest, with a collection of over 5,000 birds from 400 species.

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What can we do at Jurong Bird Park?

The zoo and two safaris showcase a variety of animals across different genus in the kingdom Animalia while Jurong Bird Park focuses on birds.

  • Penguin Coast.
  • World of Darkness.
  • Lory Loft.
  • Bird Discovery Centre.
  • Kings of the Skies Show.
  • Wings of Asia Aviary.
  • Birdz of Play.
  • Waterfall Aviary.

Is outside food allowed in Jurong Bird Park?

yes you may bring food items alongwith you but refrain to eat near the bird cages due to obvious reasons. You can carry your food along.

What can we see in Jurong Bird Park?

Jurong Bird Park Exhibits

  • Waterfall Aviary. The Waterfall Aviary is 35 metres tall and with the world’s tallest man-made indoor waterfalls, replicates the environment of a tropical rainforest.
  • Lory Loft.
  • Penguin Coast.
  • Flamingo Lake.
  • Pelican Cove.
  • Hornbill and Toucan Aviary.
  • Birdz of Play.
  • King of the Skies.

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