Question: I Don’t Buy It Meaning?

Meaning/Usage: Disagree; to not be convinced. Explanation: This phrase comes from a popular way of getting agreement, which is “buy in.” For example, a company director can say, “we need buy in from all the board members to proceed.” In this statement, “buy in” is getting agreement.

What does the phrase buy it mean?

1. slang To believe that something is true. My brother says that his latest scheme will make millions, but I’m not buying it. I told the teacher that my dog ate my homework, and she totally bought it! slang To die.

Can’t buy something meaning?

not accept something (to be true). You may think so, but I don’t buy it.

Is buy in slang?

The definition of a buy-in is an agreement to do something, even though the person agreeing didn’t have anything to do with the project beforehand. An example of a buy-in is a person agreeing to the design of a controversial product after all the details have been finalized.

What does buy it out mean?

1. verb To buy someone’s shares or other financial interests in a company or joint venture, thus releasing them from it. verb To pay someone an agreed-upon amount in exchange for their premature release from a contract.

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What does I’m not buying it mean?

not buy (something) To not accept or believe something as the truth. My brother says that his latest scheme will make millions, but I’m not buying it. The teacher didn’t buy my story about the dog eating my homework. See also: buy, not.

Is I don’t buy it an idiom?

I am referring to the idiomatic expression “I don’t buy it” meaning I don’t think it is true. This connotation of the verb buy appears to be from the ’20s according to Etymonline: Meaning “believe, accept as true” is attested by 1926.

Does not buy meaning?

Meaning: to not believe something.

What does do not buy into mean?

disapproving. to completely believe in a set of ideas: I don’t buy into all that New Age stuff.

How do I get buy-in?

An effective way of creating buy-in with your team is to involve them in problem-solving and decision-making. Not every decision or problem requires consensus but involving people in problem solving, whether it’s gathering relevant facts or getting suggestions for potential actions or approaches, is very useful.

What does it mean to create buy-in?

: acceptance of and willingness to actively support and participate in something (such as a proposed new plan or policy) Without buy-in from his troops, Gruden’s just another tuned-out coach.—

What is bought in?

1. ( Commerce) (tr) to buy back for the owner (an item in an auction) at or below the reserve price. 2. ( Stock Exchange) (intr) to purchase shares in a company. 3. (

Is it buy out or buyout?

In order to access this advantage, you may negotiate with the competing company for usage or propose a merger of both companies; however, the often simplest and easiest way is by using today’s word – buyout.

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What does buying out someone mean?

1. phrasal verb. If you buy someone out, you buy their share of something such as a company or piece of property that you previously owned together. [business]

How does buy out work?

A buyout refers to an investment transaction where one party acquires control of a company, either through an outright purchase or by obtaining a controlling equity interest (at least 51% of the company’s voting shares). Usually, a buyout also includes the purchase of the target’s outstanding debt.

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