Question: Flat List React Native?

What is a flat list react native?

The FlatList component displays the similar structured data in a scrollable list. The FlatList shows only those renders elements which are currently displaying on the screen, not all the elements of the list at once.

What is flat list?

Flatlist is the easiest way to render a scrollable list of items. We just have to pass the data (as an array) without any formatting to it and it will render the items. Flatlist works efficiently with large data as it renders only those items that are displaying on the screen, and not all the items at once.

How does FlatList work in react native?

React Native provides a FlatList component to create a list. FlatList only renders the list items that can be displayed on the screen. Additionally, FlatList offers many inbuilt features like vertical/horizontal scrolling, header/footer views, separator, pull to refresh, lazy loading, etc.

How do I create a FlatList in react native?

How to implement React Native FlatList

  1. Use FlatList. Then useFlatList component from react-native to display the list of Marvel Heroes.
  2. ItemSeparatorComponent. Add a line between list items to separate them.
  3. KeyExtractor.
  4. Header.
  5. Footer.
  6. Pull to refresh.
  7. Facebook.
  8. Instagram.
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What is difference between FlatList and ListView react native?

1 Answer. FlatList – More performant compared to ListView. ListView rendering can get slow once the number of items grows larger. FlatList significantly improves memory usage and efficiency (especially for large or complex lists) while also significantly simplifying the props — no more dataSource necessary!

How can FlatList improve performance?

8 ways to optimize React native FlatList performance

  1. Avoid arrow functions inline for renderItem.
  2. Don’t use 1080P HD images in the list.
  3. Optimize maxToRenderPerBatch prop.
  4. Optimize windowSize prop.
  5. Use getItemLayout to optimize flatlist react native.
  6. Use fewer Views in your list item to optimize flatlist react native.

How do you clear FlatList in react native?

General pattern is to pass a uniquely identifiable id (key, index, etc) to your delete handler and filter your data on values that don’t equal that key. This returns a new array without that entry to store in state. Using a curried handler.

How do I make a list in react native?

Create a list using ‘React Native Elements’

  1. react-native init listApp && cd listApp.
  2. npm install react-native-elements –save.
  3. npm install react-native-vector-icons –save.
  4. react-native link react-native-vector-icons.
  5. npm install axios –save.
  6. react-native run-ios.
  7. react-native run-android.

What is keyExtractor in react native?

keyExtractor. (item: object, index: number) => string; Used to extract a unique key for a given item at the specified index. Key is used for caching and as the react key to track item re-ordering.

Can FlatList be considered as ScrollView?

You can use ScrollView for a small number of items and FlatList for even 10000 items.

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What is Touchableopacity in react native?

A wrapper for making views respond properly to touches. On press down, the opacity of the wrapped view is decreased, dimming it. Opacity is controlled by wrapping the children in an Animated.

What is key extractor?

These unique keys are what allow the VirtualizedList (which is what FlatList is built on) to track items and are really important in terms of efficiency. You will have to choose a unique key prop, like an id or an email. The keyExtractor falls back to using the index by default. But the warning will remain visible.

How do you use FlatList with hooks in react native?

import { Dimensions } from ‘react-native’; Yes it is! And finally… We are heading to some optimization configurations for the FlatList!

  1. Use getItemLayout.
  2. Apply keyExtractor props to FlatList.
  3. Avoid feeding anonymous function to “renderItem” props.
  4. Use useMemo Hooks to replace “shouldComponentUpdate”

What are the three key props used in a FlatList?

Props in FlatList:

  • renderItem: It is used to render the data into the list.
  • data: It is basically an array of data.
  • ItemSeparatorComponent: It is used to render in between each item.
  • ListEmptyComponent: It is rendered when the list is empty.
  • ListFooterComponent: It is rendered at the bottom of all items.

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