Often asked: State Of Origin 2020?

2020 State of Origin series
Won by Queensland (22nd title)
Series margin 2–1
Points scored 110
Attendance 110,585 (ave. 36,862 per match)

Who won State of Origin in 2020?

Queensland Maroons v New South Wales Blues – Wednesday, November 18 at Suncorp Stadium – 7.10pm AEST/8.10pm EDT. The 2020 Ampol State of Origin series will be broadcast live nationally on the Nine Network, Sky Sport in New Zealand and WatchNRL.

Who won game 2 State of Origin 2021?

NSW have held Queensland to nil for the first time ever in Brisbane, winning back the Origin shield in style with a 2-0 series victory following their 26-0 win at Suncorp Stadium in game two.

Who won game 3 State of Origin 2021?

A gallant Queensland avoided a State of Origin series whitewash and shocked NSW by scoring a 20-18 game three victory on the Gold Coast on Wednesday night.

Who won NRL Grand Final 2020?

Queensland went on to win a historic 7th series win in 2012, winning the final game by 1 point.

Will there be a Game 3 State of Origin?

When does game 3 start? State of Origin III kick-off is scheduled for 8:10pm AEST on Wednesday, July 14.

How many state of origins have Queensland won?

Of the 39 full series played to date, Queensland have won 22, New South Wales 15, with 2 series drawn.

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What time is Origin 3 kick off?

The game is officially scheduled to kick off at 8.10pm AEST, according to the program given to officials and media at the ground.

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