Often asked: Out Of The Question Meaning?

What is the meaning of the idiom out of the question?

Something that’s out of the question is not going to happen — there’s not any reason to even discuss it. Using the phrase out of the question is a good way to put an end to a conversation. When something’s described this way, it’s extremely unlikely to happen.

Is out of the question example?

Extra guests are completely out of the question at weddings. As anyone who has worked in a government bureaucracy could have foretold, it was completely out of the question. We used to have three Iranians in the orchestra; out of the question now.

Is it out of the question VS out of question?

Out of the question is the term in use today. It means beyond consideration; unthinkable or impossible (Collins dictionary). Out of question is obsolete, which means no longer used.

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What does out of something mean?

phrase. If you are out of something, you no longer have any of it. I can’t find the sugar – and we’re out of milk. See full dictionary entry for out.

What is the meaning of leaving out?

: to not include or mention (someone or something) The movie leaves a lot out of the story.

What does playing ducks and drakes meaning?

: the pastime of skimming flat stones or shells along the surface of calm water. play ducks and drakes with or make ducks and drakes of.: to use recklessly: squander played ducks and drakes with his money.

How do you use out of question in a sentence?

Out-of-the-question sentence example

  1. Otherwise, it had looked as if further education was out of the question.
  2. Protesting was out of the question.
  3. She wanted to think he was talking about more than her powers, but such an idea was out of the question.

Where did the phrase out of the question come from?

This expression comes from the 1700s. In this idiom, question doesn’t refer to a question in the way we typically think of it today. Rather, it simply refers to the topic of discussion. If something is impossible, it means that there is no point in discussing it any further, since it cannot happen.

Was out of the picture meaning?

: not involved or playing a part in something: not in the same situation or relationship With last year’s winner out of the picture, she has a good chance of winning.

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What does a hard nut to crack mean?

Definition of a hard/tough nut (to crack): a person or thing that is difficult to deal with, understand, or influence The team’s defense is a tough nut to crack. The problem is a hard nut to crack. He’s a tough nut, but I think I can get him to agree to the contract.

Is out of the equation?

“to cut someone out of the equation” means to prevent them from participating in or benefiting from some activity, endeavour or situation. It could also simply mean stop seeing them or communicating with them. It has to be interpreted within the context of what’s going on in the storyline.

What is meant by saying a person is out of sorts?

Irritable, grouchy, as in Don’t ask him today—he’s out of sorts. This expression also implies that one’s poor spirits result from feeling slightly ill. [ Early 1600s] The synonym out of humor, on the other hand, used more in Britain than America, simply means “ill-tempered” or “irritable.” [

How do you use out of something?

We use out of as a preposition to talk about movement from within somewhere or something, usually with a verb that expresses movement (e.g. go, come). It shows where something is or was going: You go out of the building and turn right. He pulled a letter out of his shirt pocket, opened it and handed it to her to read.

Does out of mean because?

I am surprised to find that “out of” has the meaning same as “because of”. See the sentence: They joined the orgnization out of interest.

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