Often asked: Houston Texas Zip Code?

What zip codes are South Houston?

/: What zip codes are South Houston? What are the zip codes for downtown Houston? Houston Zip Codes List

  • 77002 — Downtown Houston. While most Houstonians think of downtown as a fun place to visit, it’s actually a great place to live, too.
  • 77005 — West University.
  • 77006 — Montrose.
  • 77007 — Rice Military.
  • 77008 — The Heights.
  • 77019 — River Oaks.
  • 77056 & 77057 — Galleria.

What zip codes are Harris County?

ZIP Codes in Harris County TX

  • 77449.
  • 77084.
  • 77433.
  • 77429.
  • 77379.
  • 77077.
  • 77036.
  • 77007.

Is Houston the biggest city in the world?

Houston is the fourth most populous city in the nation, with an estimated July 2018 population of 2,325,502 (trailing only New York, Los Angeles and Chicago), and is the largest in the southern U.S. and Texas. The Houston Astros won the World Series in 2017.

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