Often asked: Good Wine Needs No Bush?

The phrase good wine needs no bush means there is no need to advertise or boast about something of good quality, as people will always discover its merits.

What is the meaning of good wine need no bush?

This page is about the saying “Good wine needs no bush” Possible meaning: Something of good quality does not need to be advertised. Note: It used to be common to hang a grapevine, ivy or other greenery (“bush”) outside an inn or public house to advertise the availability of drink.

Who said good wine needs no bush?

Quote by William Shakespeare: “If it be true that good wine needs no bush, ‘ti”

What kind of adjective is good in the sentence good wine needs no bush?

Adjectives: Adjectives denotes a word naming an attribute of a noun, such as sweet, red, or technical. good wine needs no bush. Here adjective is ” Bush “. This belongs to possessive adjective.

What a case am I in then that am neither a good epilogue nor Cannot insinuate with you in the behalf of a good play?

What a case am I in then, that am neither a good epilogue nor cannot insinuate with you in the behalf of a good play! I am not furnished like a beggar, therefore to beg will not become me. My way is to conjure you; and I’ll begin with the women. The Epilogue was a standard component of Elizabethan drama.

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What is the Hindi of Bush?

झाड़-झंखाड़(m) जंगल (m) छल्ला(m) अस्तर(m) झाड़ी

What is the adjective in the sentence My uncle lives in the next house?

Next is the adjective here.

Who speaks epilogue in As You Like It?

Rosalind begins the Epilogue by acknowledging that it is unusual in a play for a woman to give the epilogue, but reasons that it is no more so than for the lord to give the prologue. She says that a good play shouldn’t need an epilogue, but can be improved by one.


Orlando and Rosalind, Oliver and Celia, Silvius and Phebe, and Touchstone and Audrey are all married in the final scene, after which they discover that Frederick has also repented his faults, deciding to restore his legitimate brother to the dukedom and adopt a religious life.

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