FAQ: The Number Of Plural Or Singular?

1 Answer. “The number of” should always be used with a plural of a countable noun. The phrase “the number of Xs” then acts as a singular subject for the verb, so the third person singular form of the verb should be used.

Is a number of students singular or plural?

in sentence (1), “The number of students”, we refer to “the number”, so verb is in singular form. in sentence (2) – “The number of students” and sentence (3) – “A number of students”, we refer to “students”, so verbs are in plural form.

Is it a number of or the number of?

The expression ” a number of ” also belongs to the same category—it is always followed by the plural form, as in “a number of days passed” or “a number of people were present.” Do not be misled by the indefinite article “a” in that expression: the expression is always used to indicate more than one of something and

What is the plural of a number?

Answer. The plural form of number is numbers. Find more words! Another word for.

Is 2 singular or plural?

The numeral 2 is singular. The number two is, in English and many other languages, plural. In languages which have a dual form, the number two is dual. The word two is an adjective and as English is a mostly uninflected language, English adjectives do have a sinular and plural form.

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Why the number of is singular?

“The number of ” takes a singular verb So even though that number might be large, the purpose of this expression is to compare this one number/amount with another number/amount.

Is 5 singular or plural?

The plural form of five is fives.

Do we use plural after numbers?

The expression the number is followed by a singular verb while the expression a number is followed by a plural verb. Examples: The number of people we need to hire is thirteen.

What is the plural of the number 2?

The plural form of number two is number twos.

What is the plural of four?

four /ˈfoɚ/ noun. plural fours. four. /ˈfoɚ/ plural fours.

What is the plural of three?

The plural form of three is threes.

Is 100 singular or plural?

Word forms: plural hundreds language note: The plural form is hundred after a number, or after a word or expression referring to a number, such as ‘several’ or ‘a few’. A hundred or one hundred is the number 100. According to one official more than a hundred people have been arrested.

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