FAQ: Size 36 In Us?

Women’s Size Conversions

US Sizes Euro Sizes CM
5.5 36 22.2
6 36-37 22.5
6.5 37 23
7 37-38 23.5


What is size 36 EU in US sizes?

A French size 36 should be an American size 6 or a small.

What is my EU size?

For example, if you wear a men’s US size 10 shoe then size 43 is likely your Euro size. Convert women’s US sizing to Euro Sizing by adding 31 to your US shoe size. For example, if you wear a women’s US size 8 shoe then size 39 is likely your Euro size.

What is a UK 36?

EU 34 – UK 6 fist Waist 60-64cm and Bust 79-83. EU 36 – UK 8 fits Waist 65-68cm and Bust 84-87cm. EU 38 – UK 10 fits Waist 69-72cm and Bust 88-92cm. EU 40 – UK 12 fits Waist 73-77cm and Bust 93-97cm.

Is EU and EUR the same size?

EU Sizes = European Sizes /Euro Sizes are used in the whole of Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden etc. Italian Shoe Sizes, French Shoe Sizes and German Shoe Sizes are all unified as “Euro Shoe Sizes”.

Is EU size same as UK?

Contrary to common understanding, EU sizes do not translate directly to UK sizes. Typically they jump around 5/6 of a UK size, for every EU size on the scale.

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