FAQ: Power Rangers: Shattered Grid?

Is Power Rangers shattered grid a real movie?

In March 2018, a promotional short film titled Power Rangers: Shattered Grid – Dark Prelude was released online, starring Frank in the role of Lord Drakkon. The film was written and directed by Higgins and produced by Locomotion Pictures, RCA Film Productions and Saban Brands.

Who dies shattered grid?

During the events of Shattered Grid, many lives were lost. Two major players were killed off in the siege of Drakkon’s castle lair, Skull and Zack of the alternate universe’s Coinless world.

How was Drakkon defeated?

Defeat and Capture Lord Drakkon loses his powers. Lord Drakkon was overconfident after defeating The Coinless and capturing his alternate self along with Billy and the alternate Trini. After Tommy’s friends find him, rather than face defeat, Drakkon jumps off a cliff to what Tommy believes is his death.

Who defeats Lord Drakkon?

In the aftermath of the battle, Drakkon was captured by forces loyal to Grace Sterling, the Red Ranger from a Power Rangers team in the ’60s.

How did Tommy Oliver become Lord Drakkon?

Just when Zordon was about to give Jason a boost to make him the most powerful Ranger ever, Tommy slipped in and stole the upgrade. He took Jason out and then decimated Zordon’s base, the other Rangers, and Alpha, harnessing this newfound power and officially christening himself as Lord Drakkon.

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Is Robo Knight dead?

Participating in the Legendary Battle Robo Knight shows up in the battle against the Armada. Robo Knight somehow survived his previous demise and showed up in the middle of the Legendary Battle, temporarily reunited with Troy as Megaforce Red before continuing to finish off several XBorgs.

Who is King tyranno?

TYRANNO IS NOT EVIL AT ALL! Master Red is the conqueror of an alternate reality’s Earth. He is an alternate universe version of Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger and the original Gold Zeo Ranger.

What is Power Rangers unworthy?

Power Rangers Unworthy is a team of Rangers from Earth 2-18 facing what might be their greatest foe, The Arbiter, the first Ranger. James Micheal Robinson III serves as suit-actor, and Mike Dent the voice for the Arbiter. The first Ranger’s goal is to purge all Rangers in the multiverse from the Morphin Grid.

Does Lord Drakkon have a Zord?

As Lord Drakkon’s equivalent of a Zord, the Black Dragon changes its size for small or large scale assaults. Drakkon operates and wields the Black Dragon remotely, even able to pilot it universes apart.

Is Lord Drakkon the most powerful Ranger?

Drakkon started stealing morphers and manipulating them to give his own army of evil rangers with increased powers. Under Drakkon’s influence, Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart even became the vaunted Ranger Slayer and was the second most powerful Ranger in the entire universe — only surpassed by Drakkon.

Is Lord Drakkon in the show?

Lord Drakkon Joins The Omega Rangers For a New Power Rangers Series. The evil Tommy will be teaming up with Jason, Zack, and Trini as they explore the Power Rangers universe.

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What episode is Lord Drakkon in?

The Rangers find themselves facing Lord Drakkon straight after the brutal aftermath of their recent fight. Using “Coinless” soldiers as hostages, Drakkon forces them to submit and help stop

What powers does Lord Drakkon have?

Power Rangers: 10 Reasons Lord Drakkon Is The Most Powerful

  • 3 Precision Is A Priority.
  • 4 Being Evil Is His Choice.
  • 5 Capable Of Killing Other Versions Of Himself.
  • 6 An Army Of Rangers.
  • 7 Knowledge Of The Morphin Grid.
  • 8 Black Dragon Cannons.
  • 9 White And Green Ranger Abilities.
  • 10 Universe Teleportation.

Who does Tommy Oliver marry?

Katherine “Kat” Hillard is second love interest of Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers Mighty Morphin, Zeo and Turbo and later the wife of Tommy.

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