FAQ: Paul Wesley Ines De Ramon?

Who is Ines de Ramon in Vampire Diaries?

Ines De Ramon is popularly known as the wife to Paul Wesley, an actor who was featured in The Vampire Diaries among other popular productions. Ines is a health coach, social influencer, and fitness enthusiast from the United States of America.

How did Paul Wesley Meet Ines de Ramon?

Celebrity Weddings of 2019 Wesley and de Ramon were first spotted together in June 2018 after a dinner date in the Big Apple.

Is Paul Wesley still married to Ines de Ramon?

Wesley met and began dating Torrey DeVitto in 2007 when they acted together in Killer Movie. They married in a private ceremony in New York City in April 2011. In July 2013, it was reported that they had filed for divorce. As of February 2019, Wesley is married to Ines de Ramon.

Where did Paul Wesley and Ines get married?

DiVitto and Wesley’s divorce came as a shock and surprise to fans who had grown to love the pair on Vampire Diaries. The couple was originally wed in 2011 in a small, private ceremony in New York City, and Wesley even spoke out about the benefits of working with his now ex-wife.

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Did Paul Wesley and Ines break up?

She is not Paul Wesley first wife Yes! Ines is Paul’s third wife. The award winning actor was previously married to actor Torrey DeVitto from 2011 to 2013. However, they split amicably and were not even interested in being friends anymore.

Who is Paul Wesley’s wife?

Dobrev and Somerhalder reportedly dated from 2010 to 2013. They continued to play love interests on “TVD” after their relationship ended.

Does Paul Wesley have a kid?

The actor and wife Nadine Lewington, who he married in 2009, are parents to son Marlon, who was born in 2014. The actor stars on the new CW series Roswell, New Mexico.

Is Paul Wesley a vegetarian?

Paul Wesley is a vegan Actor Paul Wesley is an actor, known for his role as “Stefan Salvatore” in “The Vampire Diaries.” He is a vegan and promotes veganism to his followers on social media.

Who is Ian Somerhalder married to?

Days after her 33rd birthday, Ian Somerhalder found a touching way to celebrate and honor his wife, Nikki Reed.

Who does Nina Dobrev date?

In 2015,Dobrev was rumored to be dating Austin Stowell. They confirmed their relationship in October 2015 on Twitter. However, this relationship only lasted for seven months. Then, in July 2017, Dobrev was confirmed to be in a relationship with Scream Queens star Glen Powell.

Why did Paul Wesley change his name?

The Stefan Salvatore of The CW hit television drama “The Vampire Diaries” was born Pawel Wasilewski on July 23, 1982 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He changed his name into Paul Wesley in 2005, reasoning “My birthname is too hard to pronounce! I asked my family’s permission to change it, and it really helped my career.”

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How old is Paul Wesley?

But Dobrev’s reason for leaving was simple: he was just ready to go. NOTE: This article was updated on June 2, 2021, to include details about Nina Dobrev’s return for The Vampire Diaries series finale, and her recent television and film credits.

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