FAQ: Call A Spade A Spade?

What is the meaning of calling a spade a spade?

Definition. “Call a spade a spade” or “call a spade a shovel” are both forms of the figurative expression which state that the speaker should call, or has called, a noun by its most suitable name without any reservation to the strained formalities that may result.

What is spade slang for?

Most Americans also know that spade is a rather outmoded derogatory slang term for an African-American. Putting the two ideas together, though, requires a person whose sensitivity to possibly offensive language is greater than their knowledge of word history.

What is the opposite of calling a spade a spade?

Verb. Opposite of to speak the truth, to say things as they really are. prevaricate. lie. dodge.

Where did the expression call a spade a spade come from?

The term to call a spade a spade has its roots in Ancient Greece, in a phrase found in Plutarch’s Apophthegmata Laconic: “…to call a fig a fig and a trough a trough.” Later, in the mid-1500s, the Dutch scholar Erasmus collected various Greek works and translated them into Latin, at which time he interpreted the

What does spading mean in slang?

Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a black person. Idiom: in spades.

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What is the opposite of spade?

▲ Opposite of to move materials with a shovel. bury.

What is the opposite of space?

Opposite of a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied. crowdedness. cramp.

What does spaid mean?

Shar-Pei Autoinflammatory Disease (SPAID) is a heritable syndrome defined by recurrent episodes of fever and inflammation with no known pathogenic or autoimmune cause.

What is the meaning of cut a sorry figure?

The phrase “to cut a sorry figure” means to create an unfavourable impression or present oneself poorly or negatively.

What is a spade in Minecraft?

Spades are used to increase the speed at which you can dig up blocks like grass, sand and snow. They are created using 2 sticks and either 1 wooden plank, cobblestone, iron ingot, gold ingot or diamond.

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