FAQ: Afc Asian Cup 2019 Qualifiers?

Who won the AFC Asian Cup in 2019?

The AFC Asian Cup qualification is the process that a national association football team goes through to qualify for the final tournament of AFC Asian Cup. The qualification reduces the large field of eligible entrants from 47 to just 24 for the finals.

Which country is on the 7th AFC Asian Cup 2019?

The 2019 AFC Asian Cup was the 17th edition of the AFC Asian Cup, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Asia organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). It was held in the United Arab Emirates from 5 January to 1 February 2019.

How do you qualify for Asian Cup?

The qualification structure is as follows: First round: 12 teams (ranked 35–46) played home-and-away over two legs. The six winners advance to the second round. Second round: 40 teams (ranked 1–34 and six first round winners) were divided into eight groups of five teams to play home-and-away round-robin matches.

How many teams qualify from South America?

There are four guaranteed places for teams from CONMEBOL (South America) and three for CONCACAF (North America) with a team from both confederations featuring in a play-off to determine the final spot. 4

Is India selected for FIFA 2022?

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2022: India play out 1-1 draw against Afghanistan, enter Asian Cup third round qualifiers. Doha: India scored from an own goal by Afghanistan goalie as they ended their World Cup Qualifiers campaign with a 1-1 draw to book a berth in the next qualifying round of the Asian Cup on Tuesday.

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How do you qualify for AFC Champions League?

The tournament is the first to involve 40 teams during the group stage, with an increase from the previous 32 teams. The winners of the tournament will automatically qualify for the 2022 AFC Champions League, entering the qualifying play-offs, if they have not qualified through their domestic performance.

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